This temporary website is looking at the updating and extending of an Edwardian home in Purton, Wiltshire.


This website was set up to provide builders and suppliers with information that allowed them to quote and undertake the building of an extension and considerable other work to the existing building. This is the only page that is publicly available from the home page.

The house was built in 1905, and extended and modified over time. This Update is the most dramatic in that we have taken the house back inside to the bricks, taken out all ceilings, all plumbing and electrics. Then several walls, including a large chunk of the side of the house, crafting on a large extension, and redefining most of the space used.

The longer term plan is once this is complete and we move in, plus have a break, we are to replace the garage, shed and conservatory block behind with a hot tub room and treatment room. Electric, sewer, water and gas is being put in with connections to allow this to be done easily.

We have a range of features including:-

The house is designed as a forever home, by this we mean we have a lift for when we need one, one bedroom is being created so a live in career can later be employed, with its own handbasin and wc, and the house will be put into a trust so after we are no longer around, it will be available for ever for people with learning difficulty to live.


Will make some interesting magazine articles next year. - look here for a link later


Current Position


Planning Permission Obtained

Structural Engineers Report available

Building work in now under way, expected completion the end of Septemer 2017

Why Tepo.

TEPO was the Training and Expeeririence Passport Organisation, and this was its website. When this was merged with another organiation the website was spare and being an easy to remember short name, we kept it as a developmenst and test website.

Im sure one day I will think of something else TEPO could stand for.